Things To Do About A Smoking Fireplace

Things To Do About A Smoking Fireplace

Do you know why your chimney is constantly smoking? It could be due to the closed damper, a blocked flue or a cold flue. To solve this issue, you have to open the damper, clean the chimney and prime the flue.

During the low burn, when the smokes occur in the fireplace, there could be many reasons for it.

Here Are Some Possible Scenarios And Their Solutions

  • If the chimney is extremely short, adding height to it will be the best option
  • If the flue is large, a sleeve should be added
  • If the house gets de-pressurized, get an external air channel installed
  • If the air space between casing and chimney liner is too much and it is important to re-line the flue of the chimney with an insulated liner.

In case the chimney gorges out smoke constantly, no matter what the level of fire is then there must be more than one issue! They may be:

  • Soak chamber being too small
  • Damper is low
  • Flue is small
  • House is depressurized

All these conditions should be addressed by installing the air source, reducing the openings of the fireplace, installing a fireplace door or a smoke guard.

Seek The Assistance Of Professionals

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Fireplace Inspection For Home Safety

Fireplace Inspection For Home Safety

Have a fireplace at home? Then you should have the idea of prioritizing its safety! A lot of aspects are to be considered once a fireplace is set up at home; like for example, before even putting fire to a log, it is imperative to get the entire setup inspected by the professional service provider for chimney repairs in Surrey.

The Important Aspect Of Chimney Inspection & Maintenance

  • Once the inspection is scheduled, a professional service provider will take a look at your fireplace setup.
    Remember to clean your chimney regularly.

  • When any repair is reported by the inspector for your chimney, you should take it seriously! Make sure every repair is complete before beginning its fire-up. It is a common behaviour of birds to make a home inside or close to the opening of a fireplace chimney. Ensure the nests are removed before the fire is lit.

  • Purchasing a security screen is an amazing accessory that every house should install for its chimney. When the amber of the chimney comes off, this ensures that it does not fall on the floor or on someone! A security screen makes a huge difference – especially when the fire cannot be monitored all the time. A screen in this case can be a great source of reliance.

  • Tools like a poker helps in adjusting the fuel woods – which in turn adds to heating the room and saving money. A broom and shovel helps in keeping the fireplace clean and safe.

  • Safety is never an option, but a necessity that will keep the entire home secured from a manhandled fireplace. Also, the longevity of a fireplace is increased when all safety and hygiene measures are taken.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Wood-Burning Stoves For Your Household

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Wood-Burning Stoves For Your Household

Fireplaces are an integral part of every home in the colder regions. They can help to regulate the indoor temperature of your house and keep you comfortable. However, it is crucial to entrust reliable stove installers in Surrey with the responsibility of installing a fireplace in your home. Wood burning stoves are a popular option to install in your house. Let us look at the top reasons to install one.




Wood burning stoves are a cost-effective solution to adding heat to your household. Today, the fuel costs are at an all-time high. In such conditions, wood burning is relatively cheaper. Wood-burning stoves come with lower installation costs. If you can forage for your supply of wooden logs and branches, you do not have to spend an extra penny on obtaining burning fuel. Even if you choose to receive wood from an authorised dealer, it is way cheaper than other fuel options.


Eco-friendly option


A common misconception related to wood-burning stoves is that they cause pollution. On the contrary, wood burning is one of the cleanest forms of generating heat for your house. Since it does not involve the burning of fossil fuels, it does not lead to global warming. Further, wood is a renewable source of energy. So, using a wood-burning stove from the top stove installers in Surrey means you are adopting an eco-friendly approach.


Aesthetic beauty


There is something inherently beautiful about a natural wood-burning stove. The crackling of the fire and the warm glow of burning wooden logs can lend a charming light to your house. Traditional wood-burning stoves can add to the aesthetic beauty of your home. They can be used in different colours and forms such as,

  • Free-standing wood burning stove
  • Built-in wood burning stove insert


Socio-economic impact


If you are wary of emptying your pockets regularly to big energy conglomerates, then a wood-burning stove frees you from that burden. You no longer have to be reliant on fuel giants or electrical boards to generate heat for your household. You are also free from being impacted by any labour or industrial dispute in the energy sector. You have a source of heat in your house that is hassle-free and readily available without any conditions.

Therefore, a quality wood burning stove from the best stove installers in Surrey can work wonders in making your house luxurious. Housemartin Stove Fitter UK Ltd is a leading brand in the industry. They install wood burning as well as multi-fuel stoves into all types of households at reasonable rates. Their services are impeccable and trusted by hundreds of customers.

Tips for Maintaining a Wood Burning Fireplace


If you have a fireplace, you will know of its advantages. It keeps the house warm, even if it is freezing outside. But it can be tough to maintain a fireplace. If you want to use it during the harsh winters, then you would have to take care of it all through the year. It will not cost you a lot of money or time to maintain your wood burning fireplace the right way. Follow these tips to keep your wood-burning fireplace –


1. Get a Heat Proof Blower and Glass Doors


Installing a glass door is adding a safety measure to your house but more importantly it keeps children away from the fireplace. It will contain embers and other burning material inside the fireplace only. The fan will help circulate the heat to every corner of the place.


2. Clean Interior of The Fireplace


The best way of maintaining anything is to keep it clean. The same goes for a wood-burning fireplace. Dust, ashes embers, and other burning material will get accumulated in the fireplace. This is why you need to clean the interior of the fireplace correctly and with proper equipment.


3. Choose the Right Wood to Burn


The wood you burn can have an impact on the fireplace, which is why you need to burn the right wood in the fireplace. You can choose hardwood to burn. Woods of trees like birch and oak can burn longer and make your house hotter.


4. Check the Cap of the Chimney


You will have a cap to cover the top side of the chimney, which will prevent any unwanted items from falling. Make sure you keep the cap on when you are not using the chimney. But when your chimney is in use, make sure you have removed the cap.


5. Examine Your Chimney


Make sure that there is no crack in the mortar lying of the masonry chimney. When you are using a metallic chimney, make sure that there is no rusting, dents or dust in the chimney. Any of the above can cause you a hazardous problem, for you and your family. An annual inspection of the chimney is always recommended.

Proper maintenance of your chimney can assure it a long life. if you want to get any chimney related service you can choose Housemartin, they are the best stove installers in Surrey. You can rely on them as they provide excellent service.

How to Handle a Wood Burning Stove for the First Time?

How to Handle a Wood Burning Stove for the First Time

You might find handling a wood-burning stove concerning but still is excited about it. You might not get the perfect fire the first time, even after the stove installers in Surrey get the initial process started for you. It will only be possible with practice.

Here are a few measures to keep in mind to safely handle a wood-burning stove for the first time.


Things to Know Before Lighting the Stove for the First Time


It is important to remember that a new stove takes time to burn-in. As a result, it might give out unpleasant odour for the first time you burn it. These might be from the chemical residues, but the smell will be gone within 6 hours. Make sure to remember massive and slow-burning fire can cause pollution. Instead, the more efficient process is using smaller and hotter burning fires.

Things Required for Lighting the Stove

Make sure to have things you require for lighting the stove for the first time. You can either use a newspaper or firelighters. Other items include kindling wood, lighter or matches, poker, protective gloves and tongs and solid fuel.

The Process of Lighting the Stove  

These are the following steps to keep in mind to handle lighting the stove for the first time.

  • You are preparing the stove: While preparing the stove to scatter some ashes at the bottom of your stove to ensure that woods are burning best. Since the furnace is being lighted for the first time, it is sure to be clean. Make sure all air vents are open when you are conducting the process. The chimney damper should always be available to stop any form of suffocation inside the room.
  • Build your fire: Make sure to place the newspapers of firelighters at the bottom of the stove. Here are the few techniques you can employ:
  1. Kindling wood should be on the top of the paper.
  2. From the below light the paper.
  3. Make sure to leave the stove for a while and wait for the fire catching process to complete.
  4. You can add a few more logs and wait for the fire to get started.
  • Adjusting Air Vents: To keep the fire under control close the bottom air vent slowly. Please do not close the other vent as it helps to continue to feed the flames.

Now that you have got your fire started to make sure it is under control. You can also use other techniques to build your fire as long as they are safe.

Housemartin is a reliable and trusted company for stove installers in Surrey. They are experienced and ensure high-standard installations. They provide you with specialists knowledge at a very affordable price rate.

Safety Measures for Using a Wood Burning Stove

Safety Measures for Using a Wood Burning Stove

There are specific safety measures to be taken into account if you are using a log burner or a wood-burning stove in your house. If proper steps are followed, then the number of pollutants released in the air would be meagre, and it won’t cause much harm to the environment or society. Here are a few steps to ensure safety at its best. You can contact the nearest stove installers in Surrey in case you want to repair your stove or want to schedule maintenance services at regular intervals.

Prevent Your Log Burner from Smoking

Burning wood creates a great deal of smoke. Besides, it causes harmful emissions as well. The inspissated smoke makes it harder for your chimney to vent it out. Below are the steps to help you keep your burner smoke free:

  • Make sure the air control system is excellent.  The stove will hold a considerable amount of oxygen, resulting in a big bright flame.
  • Whenever you are burning wood or coal into the stove, make sure to keep the door open until the fire is flamed properly.
  • Another important thing is to keep the same temperature throughout the burning process. It will prevent the creation of carbon monoxide.

Choose the Right Type of Fuel for Your Stove

One must choose the right form of fuel for burning in the stove. It is wise not to choose house coal or wet logs as they leave a lot of particulates after being consumed. Always use dry logs and anthracite coals as fuel as they are low on Sulphur and emit less amount of smoke.

Use Your Stove to Burn Dry Wood

Dry woods are a more power-saving and also healthier option for the environment. It takes extra energy to burn the wet; besides, they have a detrimental effect on the environment.

  • Burning wet woods produce more pollutants and soot.
  • Make sure not to burn any used wood from any old furniture or showpiece because it will release more toxic chemicals than usual.

So, if you are looking for stove installers in Surreymake sure that you consider these facts first and then proceed. The rest won’t be much of a hassle as you will get in touch with an efficient professional. They will offer you the best solution for your chimney to remain safe and sound for years to come.