Safety Measures for Using a Wood Burning Stove

There are specific safety measures to be taken into account if you are using a log burner or a wood-burning stove in your house. If proper steps are followed, then the number of pollutants released in the air would be meagre, and it won’t cause much harm to the environment or society. Here are a few steps to ensure safety at its best. You can contact the nearest stove installers in Surrey in case you want to repair your stove or want to schedule maintenance services at regular intervals.

Prevent Your Log Burner from Smoking

Burning wood creates a great deal of smoke. Besides, it causes harmful emissions as well. The inspissated smoke makes it harder for your chimney to vent it out. Below are the steps to help you keep your burner smoke free:

  • Make sure the air control system is excellent.  The stove will hold a considerable amount of oxygen, resulting in a big bright flame.
  • Whenever you are burning wood or coal into the stove, make sure to keep the door open until the fire is flamed properly.
  • Another important thing is to keep the same temperature throughout the burning process. It will prevent the creation of carbon monoxide.

Choose the Right Type of Fuel for Your Stove

One must choose the right form of fuel for burning in the stove. It is wise not to choose house coal or wet logs as they leave a lot of particulates after being consumed. Always use dry logs and anthracite coals as fuel as they are low on Sulphur and emit less amount of smoke.

Use Your Stove to Burn Dry Wood

Dry woods are a more power-saving and also healthier option for the environment. It takes extra energy to burn the wet; besides, they have a detrimental effect on the environment.

  • Burning wet woods produce more pollutants and soot.
  • Make sure not to burn any used wood from any old furniture or showpiece because it will release more toxic chemicals than usual.

So, if you are looking for stove installers in Surreymake sure that you consider these facts first and then proceed. The rest won’t be much of a hassle as you will get in touch with an efficient professional. They will offer you the best solution for your chimney to remain safe and sound for years to come.

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