Things To Do About A Smoking Fireplace

Do you know why your chimney is constantly smoking? It could be due to the closed damper, a blocked flue or a cold flue. To solve this issue, you have to open the damper, clean the chimney and prime the flue.

During the low burn, when the smokes occur in the fireplace, there could be many reasons for it.

Here Are Some Possible Scenarios And Their Solutions

  • If the chimney is extremely short, adding height to it will be the best option
  • If the flue is large, a sleeve should be added
  • If the house gets de-pressurized, get an external air channel installed
  • If the air space between casing and chimney liner is too much and it is important to re-line the flue of the chimney with an insulated liner.

In case the chimney gorges out smoke constantly, no matter what the level of fire is then there must be more than one issue! They may be:

  • Soak chamber being too small
  • Damper is low
  • Flue is small
  • House is depressurized

All these conditions should be addressed by installing the air source, reducing the openings of the fireplace, installing a fireplace door or a smoke guard.

Seek The Assistance Of Professionals

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