If you have a fireplace, you will know of its advantages. It keeps the house warm, even if it is freezing outside. But it can be tough to maintain a fireplace. If you want to use it during the harsh winters, then you would have to take care of it all through the year. It will not cost you a lot of money or time to maintain your wood burning fireplace the right way. Follow these tips to keep your wood-burning fireplace –


1. Get a Heat Proof Blower and Glass Doors


Installing a glass door is adding a safety measure to your house but more importantly it keeps children away from the fireplace. It will contain embers and other burning material inside the fireplace only. The fan will help circulate the heat to every corner of the place.


2. Clean Interior of The Fireplace


The best way of maintaining anything is to keep it clean. The same goes for a wood-burning fireplace. Dust, ashes embers, and other burning material will get accumulated in the fireplace. This is why you need to clean the interior of the fireplace correctly and with proper equipment.


3. Choose the Right Wood to Burn


The wood you burn can have an impact on the fireplace, which is why you need to burn the right wood in the fireplace. You can choose hardwood to burn. Woods of trees like birch and oak can burn longer and make your house hotter.


4. Check the Cap of the Chimney


You will have a cap to cover the top side of the chimney, which will prevent any unwanted items from falling. Make sure you keep the cap on when you are not using the chimney. But when your chimney is in use, make sure you have removed the cap.


5. Examine Your Chimney


Make sure that there is no crack in the mortar lying of the masonry chimney. When you are using a metallic chimney, make sure that there is no rusting, dents or dust in the chimney. Any of the above can cause you a hazardous problem, for you and your family. An annual inspection of the chimney is always recommended.

Proper maintenance of your chimney can assure it a long life. if you want to get any chimney related service you can choose Housemartin, they are the best stove installers in Surrey. You can rely on them as they provide excellent service.

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