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A skilled chimney construction and installation of the right flue is a wise investment. It is an insurance against unending chimney troubles. A chimney liner is a layer that covers the inside layer of the chimney. Made of different materials like clay tile, cement, aluminium and even stainless steel, each serves a specific purpose. Regardless of the type of lining, there is one that meets your needs. Of course, the flue lining can be altered, reinstalled and even repaired.

A professional opinion can help

Chimney repairs in Kent can be an investment. Why? Because maybe the chimney currently built does not have the appropriate flue liner to meet the ongoing requirement. Examination of the cost outlay and the long-term benefits, need to be taken into consideration, this is because the chimney itself might be aged and cracked or with missing tiles which is a definite health and safety hazard.

Top reasons to have the chimney examined and have a new flue lining being installed

  • Health and safety
  • Protection of the property
  • A more hygienic home
  • Reduced firewood consumption

Options of flue installation depending on the purpose

The flue liner can be used with or without insulation. If it is installed with insulation, it prevents the cold downdraft and helps energy efficiency by retaining heat. A flue liner serves as a protective layer and barrier between the emissions and the chimney structure-preserving if not increasing the property value.  The installation , maintenance and repairs should be carried out by a professional Chimney Company In Kent.

An essential need for an ageing property

If it is an older property, then getting it examined for the condition of a liner is essential.Yes, the walls of the chimney flue are usually made of clay tiles or cement which if cracked, are a hazard. This is because the creosote and tar that build upon the walls are highly flammable.  So, for safety and preservation reasons, it is a necessity to be checked at regular intervals.

Chimney liners come in a wide range of design and quality. So, one might get confused about picking the best one. Hence, it would be wise to consult an expert for chimney repairs in Kent to reline your flue.

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