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Are you looking to install a wood-burning stove installation in Kent? Then, you are in the right place. Here you will find all the information about getting the procedure right.

Understanding the basics

The wood-burning stove installation process starts with getting the stove connected to a flue system such as a chimney. This helps the stove work safely and in the right way. The flue system draws the air out of the stove, and all the smoke and gases are eliminated.

Different forms of wood-burning stove installation

The standard way to install a wood-burning stove is by opening the recess of an existing fireplace and putting the wood-burning oven within it. A register plate can be used to close the opening of the chimney. The flue pipe runs through the plate starting from the stove and generally remains attached to the flue liner.

Twin wall flue installations

If there is no existing chimney in the property and the stove needs to be installed at some other place, then this is the way that should be implemented. You can place a wood burner independently in the space as a design feature. If that’s not desirable, then a double-skinned flue with insulation in between its two walls can be utilised.

Inset installation

This procedure is used for properties having existing fireplaces and chimneys. You can slot an inset stove in it to act as a standard fireplace opening. This is an advantageous option as it doesn’t call for any significant structural work during the installation.

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