A Comprehensive Guide To The Types Of Chimney Repairs Your House Needs

A fireplace and chimney go hand-in-hand in making your house a more comfortable place. However, just like any other part of the house, a chimney requires regular repairs and maintenance. As a structure, a chimney goes through a lot of wear and tear over the years. So, there are several types of chimney repair in Surrey that your house might need. Some of these are as follows:


Cleaning of soot build-up


Burning of any kind of wood in a fireplace gives rise to creosote or soot. This is a problem that cannot be avoided. So, to make sure that your chimney is fully functional and problem-free, regular cleaning is essential. The soot build-up often clings to the inner walls of a chimney. Since it cannot be seen from the outside, it is usually not considered a significant issue. However, creosote build-ups can cause a lot of health damage to you and your loved ones as it leads to inefficient combustion of wood. Further, built-up soot often leads to chimney fires.

Fixing damaged masonry


Most houses depend on masonry for chimney construction. Well-constructed and maintained masonry can fetch a lot of value for your property. However, masonry is prone to a lot of damage over time. Constant exposure to heat, smoke, fumes, and chemical agents can damage the brick-mortar structure of your chimney. These problems need to be solved by a trusted chimney repair in Surrey.

Clearing of chimney blockages


Chimney blockage can be caused by several materials such as:

  • Soot or creosote
  • Bird nests
  • Tree branches and leaves

Blockages hamper the dispersal of fireplace smoke. This can lead to chimney fires and even carbon monoxide poisoning in your home. This is why the passageway of a chimney needs to be monitored regularly. The right tools and equipment are essential for clearing a chimney. Seasoned professionals are well-trained in dealing with these problems.

Replacing broken capping


Last but not least, broken capping is a major hassle when it comes to house chimneys. Being situated at a height, your chimney is exposed to strong winds, thunder, rain, and snow. So, broken capping is a potential hazard that can occur at any time. Broken caps on your chimneys can cause water leakages in the flue during rain. If not replaced promptly, damaged capping can cause significant problems. Using trained chimney experts for this purpose becomes necessary.

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