Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Wood-Burning Stoves For Your Household

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Wood-Burning Stoves For Your Household

Fireplaces are an integral part of every home in the colder regions. They can help to regulate the indoor temperature of your house and keep you comfortable. However, it is crucial to entrust reliable stove installers in Surrey with the responsibility of installing a fireplace in your home. Wood burning stoves are a popular option to install in your house. Let us look at the top reasons to install one.




Wood burning stoves are a cost-effective solution to adding heat to your household. Today, the fuel costs are at an all-time high. In such conditions, wood burning is relatively cheaper. Wood-burning stoves come with lower installation costs. If you can forage for your supply of wooden logs and branches, you do not have to spend an extra penny on obtaining burning fuel. Even if you choose to receive wood from an authorised dealer, it is way cheaper than other fuel options.


Eco-friendly option


A common misconception related to wood-burning stoves is that they cause pollution. On the contrary, wood burning is one of the cleanest forms of generating heat for your house. Since it does not involve the burning of fossil fuels, it does not lead to global warming. Further, wood is a renewable source of energy. So, using a wood-burning stove from the top stove installers in Surrey means you are adopting an eco-friendly approach.


Aesthetic beauty


There is something inherently beautiful about a natural wood-burning stove. The crackling of the fire and the warm glow of burning wooden logs can lend a charming light to your house. Traditional wood-burning stoves can add to the aesthetic beauty of your home. They can be used in different colours and forms such as,

  • Free-standing wood burning stove
  • Built-in wood burning stove insert


Socio-economic impact


If you are wary of emptying your pockets regularly to big energy conglomerates, then a wood-burning stove frees you from that burden. You no longer have to be reliant on fuel giants or electrical boards to generate heat for your household. You are also free from being impacted by any labour or industrial dispute in the energy sector. You have a source of heat in your house that is hassle-free and readily available without any conditions.

Therefore, a quality wood burning stove from the best stove installers in Surrey can work wonders in making your house luxurious. Housemartin Stove Fitter UK Ltd is a leading brand in the industry. They install wood burning as well as multi-fuel stoves into all types of households at reasonable rates. Their services are impeccable and trusted by hundreds of customers.

Important FAQs Regarding Wood Burning Stove Installations

Important FAQs Regarding Wood Burning Stove Installations

As the chill in the air increases, the need for the wood-burning stove is more than ever. However, if you are new to the concept and have lots of queries, probably this will help you make an informed decision.


Can A Wood Burning Stove Be Installed in A Fireplace?


Stove installers can fit it in your fireplace, but there are a few things you need to understand. For starters, a stove will require a narrower flue than an open fireplace. So, you can’t simply replace it but have to install the right size of the duct to make it work.


What to Do If You Don’t Have A Chimney?


A certified person will be able to guide you on this. But, to have an idea, you must have a chimney flue already placed in your house.

The exterior of the home and also needs to be insulated.


What Must Be the Height of The Chimney?


One thing you need to understand that the fire must burn adequately. Many factors influence the height of the chimney. It can be the proximity of your house to the neighbouring buildings and so on. Make sure that it is not to close to the walls of your home either. Keeping in mind all these factors, you need a chimney that has a height of 4.5 meters on an average.


What Can I Burn in My Wood Stove?


Coal is a bit of a no-no for any stove installers. You can use dried and seasoned woods for the stove but make sure that they must have a moisture content of less than 20 per cent. Apart from this, you can also use solid smokeless fuel like anthracite, before thinking about the explosive substance which you can burn in the stove, decide whether you need a multi-fuel stove or a wood-burning stove. After you have made your selection, talk to a professional about the fuels you can use with legal approval.

Also, if you are wondering about the space you need around the wood-burning stove, it is always better to leave as much space as possible for it to work correctly. The standard measurement states that, a minimum of 10 cm on either side and for the back its 2.5 cm.

Get your right choice in stove installation with Housemartin Stove Fitter UK Ltd.

How a Wood Burning and Multi-fuel Stove Differ from Each Other?

How a Wood Burning and Multi-fuel Stove Differ from Each Other

What is the difference between a traditional wood-burning and multi-fuel stove? This is the most commonly asked question when you are looking for a stove installer in SurreyUnderstanding the fundamental differences between them will help you to choose a suitable stove for your home.

Wood Burning Stove

Wood fuel stoves are traditional; they only used for large buildings nowadays. These wood-burning stoves do not come with a fixed grate as you have to collect and clear up ashes regularly. There are two types of wood fuel stoves available in the market; pellet stoves and log burners, though log burners are most popular.


Though most of the people are switching to multi-fuel stoves as they are easier to handle, traditional wood fuel stoves can still make a difference. Some of the significant features of wood-burning stoves are:

  • Wood burning stoves are accessible by logs and pellets.
  • They do not come with a fixed grate. Instead, they have a flat base.
  • Wood burning stoves could be the best choice as the effect of burning woods is mainly positive.


  • Useful for wide spaces like big building or hall.
  • Wood burning stoves are cheaper than contemporary multi-fuel stoves.
  • Wood fuel stoves are relatively more eco-friendly, though multi-fuel stoves can also be eco-friendly if you are using smokeless fuels.

Multifuel Stove

Multi-fuel Stoves are capable of a variety of materials such as logs anthracite and smokeless fuels. This means you can find the energy for your multi-fuel stove anywhere you go. Multi-fuel stoves come with a grate for the fuel to sit on, that is ideal for using coal. Most of these multi-fuel stoves are equipped with advance technology that is helpful for you.


Multi-fuel stoves are very popular among people because of the advanced firebox technology. Besides that, multi-fuel stoves have some cool and useful features like:

  • With a multi-fuel stove, you will be able to use any fuel.
  • Though the government might be banning fuels like coal, multi-fuel stoves are available for smokeless mineral fuels.
  • Because of these stoves are made with the latest technology, multi-fuel stoves are also reasonable for a user.


  • Multi-fuel stoves are easy to use and handle.
  • You don’t need to think about fuel as these stoves are available for various fuel resources.
  • They are eco-friendly and support smokeless fuels.

Their name includes the main difference between a traditional and multi-fuel stove. A conventional wood-burning needs only wood logs where you can use a variety of materials for your multi-fuel stove. Multi-fuel stoves are available for smokeless fuels when wood-burning stove creates harmful smokes.

Housemartin UK LTD. is a renowned stove installation company, and they are also certified with HETAS. For a traditional or contemporary stove installer service in Surrey, contact them.