How a Wood Burning and Multi-fuel Stove Differ from Each Other?

How a Wood Burning and Multi-fuel Stove Differ from Each Other

What is the difference between a traditional wood-burning and multi-fuel stove? This is the most commonly asked question when you are looking for a stove installer in SurreyUnderstanding the fundamental differences between them will help you to choose a suitable stove for your home.

Wood Burning Stove

Wood fuel stoves are traditional; they only used for large buildings nowadays. These wood-burning stoves do not come with a fixed grate as you have to collect and clear up ashes regularly. There are two types of wood fuel stoves available in the market; pellet stoves and log burners, though log burners are most popular.


Though most of the people are switching to multi-fuel stoves as they are easier to handle, traditional wood fuel stoves can still make a difference. Some of the significant features of wood-burning stoves are:

  • Wood burning stoves are accessible by logs and pellets.
  • They do not come with a fixed grate. Instead, they have a flat base.
  • Wood burning stoves could be the best choice as the effect of burning woods is mainly positive.


  • Useful for wide spaces like big building or hall.
  • Wood burning stoves are cheaper than contemporary multi-fuel stoves.
  • Wood fuel stoves are relatively more eco-friendly, though multi-fuel stoves can also be eco-friendly if you are using smokeless fuels.

Multifuel Stove

Multi-fuel Stoves are capable of a variety of materials such as logs anthracite and smokeless fuels. This means you can find the energy for your multi-fuel stove anywhere you go. Multi-fuel stoves come with a grate for the fuel to sit on, that is ideal for using coal. Most of these multi-fuel stoves are equipped with advance technology that is helpful for you.


Multi-fuel stoves are very popular among people because of the advanced firebox technology. Besides that, multi-fuel stoves have some cool and useful features like:

  • With a multi-fuel stove, you will be able to use any fuel.
  • Though the government might be banning fuels like coal, multi-fuel stoves are available for smokeless mineral fuels.
  • Because of these stoves are made with the latest technology, multi-fuel stoves are also reasonable for a user.


  • Multi-fuel stoves are easy to use and handle.
  • You don’t need to think about fuel as these stoves are available for various fuel resources.
  • They are eco-friendly and support smokeless fuels.

Their name includes the main difference between a traditional and multi-fuel stove. A conventional wood-burning needs only wood logs where you can use a variety of materials for your multi-fuel stove. Multi-fuel stoves are available for smokeless fuels when wood-burning stove creates harmful smokes.

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