Chimney Flexible Flue Liners

A chimney must be thoroughly swept before a liner is installed to remove all soot and tar deposits

A flexible flue liner that is installed with a stove at the same time is known as a complete install.

A liner can greatly help the efficiency if a stove.

If your chimney/ flue requires a liner, here are few reasons as to why:

  • The flue is leaking smoke or fumes into other rooms or parts of the building i.e. loft.
  • The flue is too large for the type of appliance you require to be installed.
  • The flue is too cold ( particularly if on an outside wall )
  • Poor up draught- cold outside wall, flue too large or is subject to prevailing winds.


This is a double skinned liner made from high quality steel. It is smooth on the inside and corrugated on the outside. It is specifically designed for the reclining of flues for solid fuel and wood.


A light gauge single skin liner only suitable for this purpose, and never to be used for multi fuel.

Chimney Flexible Flue Liners