Maintenance of Fireplaces and Chimneys

Maintenance of Fireplaces and Chimneys


1. Avoid Chimney Fires


When you light a wood fire, creosote is created, which is highly inflammable and over time this builds up. Call Housemartin  for chimney repairs in surrey, they can help you to avoid this situation.


2. Prevent Smoke


Smoke can be caused by obstructions created by the accumulated products from the fire in the chimney. Having your chimneys cleaned regularly by professionals eliminates obstructions in your chimney.


3. Increase the Burn Efficiency


If you want the burn efficiency of your fireplace to be increased, you would have to keep it clean. When your fireplace and chimney are clean, it increases the burn. This is because of the maximum airflow capacity of the chimney. Better airflow means sufficient oxygen which leads to better burn efficiency.

There are many other benefits of a clean chimney and fireplace. But if you are looking for stove installers in Surreyyou can go to Housemartin. They have been in this business for many years and have a team of experts that can take care of your chimney.

Choose the Right Wood Burning Stove

Choose the Right Wood Burning Stove

Before you purchase your stove get in touch with stove installers in Surrey, they will help you to choose the right product for your home.




Decide which style of wood burner you want – the traditional type, the modern type, or a mix of both. There are quite a few brands in all varieties.


2. Size of the Room


You would need a stove that can adequately heat the room. For that, you should go for a product which has enough kilowatt for the space you will be using it in. You can measure the room yourself. If you are doing it yourself, measure the length, breadth, and height, and multiply the three figures. You will get the total area space of the room or speak to your wood-burning stove expert for help and advice.


3. Doors and Windows


The type of doors and windows you have also contribute to the heating of the stove. Double glazed windows are better for heat-trapping, while wooden or single glass panes let heat escape.


4. Fuel Type


Determine whether you would want a wood-burning stove only or prefer to go with multi-fuel. In the case of the multi-fuel, you can use coal as well.

If you are buying a wood-burning or multi-fuel stove for your home, you can get in touch with Housemartin Stove Fitter UK Ltd. for all installation services. They are the professionals in the field.